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Back Pain 2.0


So a few weeks ago we wrote about something that is near and dear to us... back pain. Well maybe near but not so dear, it’s really something that I wish was far away from my life but cards are dealt now I’m playing them!

We got an inversion table at the office if you don’t quite remember that email and have been using it as often as remembered. Has it had any effect for me? The short answer is no!

Another swing, another miss and I’m back at the cages looking to take another swing! If you take nothing from this remember just because something doesn’t work flip life a quick middle finger and take another swing. What’s the worst that can happen... in this case my back hurts, well it’s already doing that so...

Now on to another approach...

I had a lengthy chat with a different Chiropractor about my situation. I spoke to my regular guy before but he was on a day off so figured what the hell let’s ask this guy. With me, I’m unique, both in my back situation and in life which I’m sure your learning (If you don’t like my uniqueness the unsubscribe buttons at the bottom). The biggest obstacle I have faced for this is, that it is chronic in the sense I have dealt with this for about 10 years but it is not chronic in the sense that it comes and goes and the most mundane things can set it off, and when it sets off it’s a pain parade!

Just yesterday I was standing in a way that no one anywhere would say was strenuous or awkward and boom such a beautiful parade of pain, I had to take a knee in the face of such beauty... So my next step now is that I visited my doctor and explained my ordeal to her and said I’ve had X-rays and done this and done that etc etc etc. Now I want to get my back scanned with the MRI machine! Hopefully, at least this will be able to see something new or something at all, anything would be good at this point because this is a frustrating thing!

Of course, as the medical industry goes she can’t order an MRI I have to go to a specialist and that’s a 6month wait and probably another 6 months after that just to use the fancy camera.

So, all in all, I’m in the same spot I was the last time I emailed you on the subject but maybe there’s a light at the end of the tunnel or maybe not. Rest assured I will keep you informed and perhaps my trials and tribulations will be able to help you or someone else you may know.

Thanks for reading!


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