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Back Pain What I Have Done...


I hope your gearing up for a good weekend that's coming up. This past week work wise has been awesome for us at Dudeck's Distributing that's for sure. Yes we sold some stuff which is always great and one of the big points to having a E-commerce store. Of course it is not all about money even that is quite important in life.  

What I wanted to talk about today was something that hits real deep and sharp with me particularly in the lower left side of my back!  I like many others out there deal with back pain mine is not a constant problem but when it does come up it is debilitating!  It can be triggered by the simplest movements that are not considered strenuous in any way simply grabbing an apple from the crisper in the fridge can be enough to set it off. 

When a task like the apple example happens to me and knocks me down to say it politely... IT PISSES ME OFF! 

A few stats on me personally:
-30 yrs old
-6' tall 
-180 lbs (13 Stones if you prefer that weight measurement)
-In decent shape, I am not an olympian or anything but I can run a mile in under 10 mins without stopping
-Use an exercise routine
-Rarely sit for more than 2 hrs at a time including weekends mostly because I get anxious if I am not doing something

How I have dealt with the pain over the last 10 years:

I have been using Chiro the my whole adult life and in the early days it would keep the symptoms at bay most of the time but slowly became less effective for me.  I still go every three weeks for "maintenance" lets call it.  I believe if things are straight your at least less prone to issues.

This is a more recent treatment I have used.  It's weird to think pushing needles into your body could result in any positive effect but again I believe it can help release stress and constriction of muscle groups they call this "Chi"  in older cultures.  Seems like pseudoscience but is actually backed by regular science!

Massage Therapy:
Now this one I have found personally to be of zero effect but that is just me what doesn't work for me may work for you.  I think this doesn't work for me because I feel that it is not a muscle only issue but rather an alignment issue.

For the past year I have been using these and should have got them 10 years ago!  With anything if you don't start at the beginning of things how can you expect any other remedies to solve your problems right!  For example when the car don't start you make sure there is gas in the tank before replacing the engine right?  What really sold me on getting them was looking at the soles of a well used walking shoe of mine it was clear by the wear pattern that I walked heavy on my inner heel first just by looking at the shoes.  Maybe take a look at your shoes and see if any irregular wear is happening if there is get real orthotics not the Dr. Schols from Walmart!  Yes they can be pricey I get it but there is always more money to be made out there you only get one body so treat it like a god, spare no expense on it!

I don't think this needs explaining but a healthy in shape body is far more likely to not hurt than an out of shape one.  You don't have to be a gym rat just make some sort of exercise part of your life!  The take the stairs at work is one way but stairs suck and depending on your physical state that could be terrible could always start by using them to  go down, when "they" say take the stairs "they" didn't say you  had to take them in any particular direction to start. 

Inversion Table:
This is my brand new treatment I actually do not have it yet but ordered it from
Amazon this week and have high hopes. I know from previous work I had done working on heating and cooling equipment simply holding myself up on a ladder or roof hatch and letting my body dangle it felt good so the inversion table should in theory have the same effect, we shall see...

That is what I have done in the past decade to  help with my situation and maybe it can help you or someone you know as well.  There are many, many, many other things out there like posture correctors and pills for pain relief that I didn't mention as I have no experience with them expect Robaxacette (which does nothing for me).  

I hope this is useful to you and we would love to hear what works for you. Feel free to share it with anyone you like, I actually encourage it!


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