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Cheap Ways To Have Fun

So, it always seems that something is always coming up or has just past that separated us from our money. Rarely do we find ourselves saying after a gathering or excursion “boy, am I glad that was so cheap”. There is for sure something about spending money that gives humans satisfaction, even if it is very short-lived satisfaction that ends when you come home to find the mailman stopped by to fill our mailboxes with bills.  That is the world we live in and until Elon gets us off this rock, we have to figure this little dilemma out for ourselves!
How can you keep boredom at bay without lightening your wallet though?
Naturally, we all have a few things that are near free but even those get boring, like watching a whole weekend of whatever series you are currently crushing on Netflix.   For both of us, I did some digging on the internet and my brain to come up with a short list of things we can do that are cheap and satisfying. It was actually my girlfriend’s idea to write on this topic so let’s all give a big thank you to Suzy!
(Thanks Suzy)
So now to get at it… What are we going to do that is fun… can be a group event… or not… and is relatively inexpensive?
Looking back to when I was younger living in a very small town with not much to do I can recall a few things right off the top of my head so here they are plus some newer ones.
1- Play Cards or Board Games
            -Rummy (all 500 versions)
            -Piggy (might have been a local game but if you reply                  to this email I’ll explain the game to you)
            -Monopoly (if you got the time)
            -I’m sure you don’t need me to list them all

2- Coffee Cruises
            -Literally, grab a few coffees and drive around aimlessly, I’m sure after 20 mins you’ll think of some destinations in your town to check out

3- Walk somewhere
            -Yes, it’s that simple just walk somewhere! You must know someone or something within a mile of your place. 1 mile takes only about 20 mins to walk in case you forgot what life was like before you got a license!

4- Go to Walmart
             -The trick here is to go to Walmart but with the intention to buy nothing!  Just walk around every aisle and see all the odd shit they sell that you didn’t know they did.  Make it a game “meet back here in 15 mins with the weirdest thing you can find”

5- Google, What to do in “City Name”
            -This one is always neat to see what is currently going on in your city or what the attractions in your backyard are, you would be surprised how many are free events
6- Cook Something unique
            -Find a recipe and actually follow it, don’t just say “I don’t have that, so ill use this instead”! Read the recipe start to finish, then go to the store and grab all your missing ingredients then, make it to the letter of the recipe.  This will actually take up a lot of time you will find. You gotta eat anyway so may as well make it something new!
7- Use your cities leisure centers
           -Look up which civic centers have racket courts whether that is racquetball, squash or even badminton. If you don’t know how to play give yourself a crash course then head there and play the game. If you forget the exact rules when you get there, make them up!
If your flying solo a lot of the above won't quite work the best but we haven’t forgotten about you though!
8- Dating Apps
          -Go onto whatever the dating app of the time is and just say hello to every third person that comes up, but don’t just say “Hello” be a little more creative and also original no google lines! You don’t have to necessarily go this route thinking they will be your life partner just talk to them (maybe they will even talk back).  We are all looking for a dopamine drip and you get that from unique experiences I can think of about 8 billion unique things in this world, reach out to a couple of them!
9- Go to a park
          -Visit whatever park is closest to your home, walk around you don’t even have to engage with anyone. Even sit on a park bench and just watch people! People watching is actually not a bad time if you just commit to it.  Just take in the weirdos and the regular folk I am confident you will see both.  Really want to entertain yourself, fill an old Mayonaise jar with pudding and eat it straight from the jar on a park bench.
10- Be the weatherman
           -Watch the most current weather forecast than recreate it and post it on Facebook. This should keep you entertained for a good few hours. Monitoring the comments will be your entertainment for the afternoon. You got a smartphone… your all set!
11 Do a good deed or volunteer somewhere
           -Walk around, find a homeless person and take them to the nearest café and buy them a coffee and a sandwich and get their story, who is going to judge you on this… nobody your flying solo! Just make sure they are coherent and it is fairy public just in case.
So anyways that is my quick list of things to put some fun in your life that won’t break the bank.  Yes, there are a couple things that will cost money but I am sure you can handle the small little expenses I am suggesting instead of going to the new club downtown and being useless the whole next day with a hangover!

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