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Elite Athletes Train This Way. You Can Too.

Elite Athletes Train This Way. You Can Too.

By Trevor Dudeck


Elite athletes train harder and smarter than everyone else. Even if you don’t have the time to work as long and as often as they do, you owe it to yourself to train every bit as smart as they do.


What if you could take your athletic training to an elite level without the budget for a professional trainer and 40 hours to devote to training every week? And what if this same change to your workout routine could decrease injury risks, improve coordination, and make you a better athlete all-around?


I know what you’re thinking:

This is illegal or it’s snake oil.


Well, it’s neither. It’s agility training.


As the term “strength and conditioning” suggests, agility is an oft-neglected attribute.


Consequently, in addition to all the purely athletic benefits of training agility (increased accuracy, coordination, speed, and flexibility to name just a few), those who train agility will have an edge over most of their competition.


Agility training doesn’t just help you move quickly and easily. It allows you to apply your strength and endurance in a faster, more efficient manner.


Agility is the difference between a fast receiver and an open receiver. It’s the difference between a blown Achilles and a long, healthy career.


The US Air Force has even found that agility training improves cognitive functioning!


Agility training consists of drills that force you to focus on carefully placing your feet (and hands!) in the right place and in the right order. Drills require quick changes in direction of movement.


To give you clearly defined targets for your agility drills, you’ll want Dudeck’s Agility Ladder.





Read on to learn how to implement agility training in your fitness program…



Three Steps to Better Agility


Step 1: Pick your intensity level


Low intensity agility training

High intensity agility training

●      Fantastic supplement to an existing regime

●      Easy to add onto the end of warmups

●      Won’t smoke you for strength or conditioning

●      Adds a little spice to any workout

●      Shorter workouts mean more time to live your life and apply your fitness

●      Workouts are more fun, so you skip fewer and feel less guilt

●      High intensity gets you “more bang for your buck”


Step 2: Get Your Gear


Agility ladders are:


  • Effective: There’s a reason pros use them. They work.
  • Versatile: The number of drills you can perform is limited only by your imagination.
  • Portable: Unlike a barbell and weights, you can take an agility ladder anywhere.
  • Easy to use: You could set up and take down 60 cones, but you’d rather be working out.
  • Affordable: You can purchase an agility

ladder for less than the cost of a 45 lb plate.


The Dudeck Agility Ladder has a couple extra advantages:


  • 16 rungs: Longer ladder, more reps, harder work, better results.
  • Lifetime warranty: I doubt you’ll destroy it, but if you do, I’ll replace it at no cost to you.


Step 3: Put in the Work


You’ll never get faster, more accurate, more coordinated, or sexier if you don’t use your gear!


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