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Health Benefits of Spin Class


When considering an exercise program, you want something that's enjoyable as well as beneficial or else there's no chance you'll stick with it. Spinning and spin classes are quickly becoming well known as effective routines.

One of the biggest benefits of a spin class is no one can tell where you are in your exercise journey. In a class with everyone on stationary bikes, no one can fall behind anyone else. Therefore, you can spin at your own pace with no shame or embarrassment. In spin classes, everyone is focused on their own workout experience without being aware of what your - or anyone else's for that matter - level is.

Spinning is a low impact exercise. Traditional cardiovascular workouts, like running on a treadmill, using an elliptical, climbing the stairs or a StairMaster, can be hard on the knee joints and the feet. Spinning allows you to have a pain-free workout because it takes the pressure and trauma off of your joints. Spinning is especially appealing to those suffering from arthritis due to its ability to strengthen the areas around the joints.

After only a few spinning classes, you'll see the results in your legs. Spinning activates large muscles in your legs, targeting your hamstrings, calves, and thighs. Shapely legs are surely a huge benefit to taking a spin class. In fact, only three spin classes a week will transform your body and give you toned legs.

Great abdominal muscles are a benefit to taking a spin class. If you focus on posture while spinning, you'll tighten your core which will strengthen your center abdominals along with the muscles on your sides called obliques. You won't see your midsection muscles as fast as your leg muscles, but with time and effort you will reveal a shapely stomach.

Spinning builds endurance and mental strength. While training your body during spin class, you're also increasing the blood flow to your brain and improving your focus and concentration. Spin class can be challenging, but as you continually put in hard work and effort you'll find it easier to concentrate. Spinning makes it easier for you to concentrate and push through the hills and endurance training. Spin classes improve your body and mental function and develop a positive attitude.

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