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Sgt. Steven Floyd 02/02/2017

Sgt. Steven Floyd
EOW: 02/02/2017


On February 2nd, Delaware Department of Corrections Sgt. Steven Floyd was murdered by inmates during a riot at the James T. Vaughn Correctional Center in Smyrna, Delaware.


Sgt. Floyd died protecting society from those who have proved they cannot follow its laws. To know only this is to know the world is a lesser place without him.


But not if you work at the Associated Press.


In an article running under Randall Chase’s byline (there were many contributors listed), Mr. Chase felt compelled to pursue the issue further. The article, which is cached here, quoted a former inmate as having a low opinion of Sgt. Floyd because he “harassed” inmates.


That’s not reporting. It’s rumor-mongering. It’s a disgusting attempt to smear a man who died a terrible death defending noble ideals.


When gang-bangers and drug dealers murder each other, law enforcement is not asked to comment on their character. Since we don’t speak ill of the dead, there is no reason to ask the honorable what they think of the evil.


But somehow, Mr. Chase thought we might understand the world better if he asked the evil what they think of the honorable. To no one’s surprise, prisoners dislike their jailers. The only new information printing that quote provided was to illuminate Mr. Chase’s utter lack of judgment and character.


Though Mr. Chase was an accessory to this posthumous slander, public servants know he unwittingly delivered a compliment. Evil screams louder in the face of virtue than it does for any form of suffering. The upright can receive no higher compliment than the disapproval of villains. By quoting an unhappy convict, Mr. Chase transmitted the loudest, clearest endorsement Sgt. Floyd’s career could receive.


Godspeed, Sgt. Floyd. We have the watch.

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