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So You’re Broke, What Are You Going To Do About It!

Many people out there, maybe you, maybe your cousin, maybe your neighbour, would be ecstatic if they were living paycheck to paycheck! In reality they are worse off than that. The reality is when you deposit your paycheck every two weeks your account balance is steadily declining, even with that extra overtime shift you jumped on when the opportunity arose.


The fact that we have to, and even want to give up our free time for that extra shift is sickening. Where did we go wrong? What are others doing so different than us? We have ended up down a long dark road and the last off ramp seems to have been passed years ago. What should you do now to fix this and secondly, why should you listen to me, who is Trevor Dudeck that we should listen to him anyway?


I am going to tackle that second part first. Who I am that you should listen to my advice?


Ok, I am no millionaire with some revolutionary system worth $25,000.00 who is willing to mentor you for a mere $995.00. There are a lot of those out there and I think many of them sell quality mentorship/training programs.  These guys and gals selling the programs could and dam well should get you results if your putting 1000 bucks on the line. With most things though they do take some financial investment and more importantly, they take time and you are having hard times now!


What are my “Credentials” that make me worth listening too? Well let’s dive through that short list. My 9-5 job is as a refrigeration, A/C and heating repair mechanic. Nothing to crazy there but it is a skilled trade that takes time to learn all the ins and outs of. After doing this for 10 years I am still far from knowing everything.  I have not been around every block or done a zillion different jobs giving me the “Jack of all trades” title. What I have done is complete my apprenticeship training, earning me a wage that is considered way above the poverty line and even above the average income in North America. I do not say this to brag I only want to give some background of where I am at compared to the stats. 


I have always had my ear to the ground for small opportunities that could put a few extra dollars in my pocket. I have opened my own business selling physical products on Amazon and most recently I have moved to my own website to do the same. I am still far from an expert on that last point but I am learning.  I have done some B2B (Business to Business) door to door wholesale selling which was probably the best and worst thing I have done.  It was the best when I made sales of course, to a receptive business. Even better when I was able to show the businesses who were leery of the product it’s value and turn the skeptics into new accounts.  It was the worst thing because I really had no idea what I was doing which made me nervous. With zero training I had to psyche myself up just to walk into each store, especially after getting rejected by the previous ten places I visited.  Rejection will crush your ego but not pushing forward I know would have crushed it worse.


So, what can I tell you that you could use today to make some extra bucks? First and foremost, I must say keep everything you do legit! No stealing, no scamming, always pay “THE MAN” his cut because he has the power to crush you with a click of a button these days! KEEP RECORDS OF EVERYTHING! You don’t need a book keeper just receipts, hand written ones are fine even.


Some simple little things to make some extra dough…


Sell something, sell anything, sell your TV dinner trays that you never use. If you only get $5 each and you got four, you now have $20.00. 



            Never dismiss $5 that’s the stupidest thing I have ever done! $5 gets you 2 chicken breasts that’s supper tonight and lunch tomorrow. $5 gets you 1/5th of today’s rent covered (Those old TV trays almost paid your whole days rent). The most important thing the five bucks gets you is the opportunity to turn it into $10.00! Take that $5, find more TV trays that you can buy for $2.50 and sell that set for another $20 now you are up $30 (I know the first ones weren’t free but you get the point).


Use the power and reach of the internet to sell your junk, people love to buy junk its mind-blowing! Sites like craigslist, kijiji and are goldmines even Facebook knows this! Facebook saw all the buy & sell groups popping up so what did they do? They added “Marketplace” it’s on the last update of the FB app now. If FB sees the opportunity wouldn’t that make you think there is money to be made? I am not sure how because I haven’t looked into it but I am sure if not yet, then soon they will monetize this feature.


Watch these types of sites for deals, some people just want to get rid of their stuff cheap and that’s where the opportunities are.


Research a little bit into Amazon FBA, there is tons of info out there on it.  In a nutshell, you find something cheap at Walmart on clearance for $10 you look it up on amazon and see it sells well for $33, you send it to Amazon’s warehouse (from this point on its hands off) and when someone buys it you get 33(Sale Price)-8(Amazon Fees)-10(Cost of purchase) =$15 In your pocket. Just go to any listing page and click the “Have one to sell?” button to learn more. 


Instead of flipping things you can create your own and sell on all these platforms. Maybe your good with woodworking, sell bird houses than. Maybe your someone who is good with creativity/design projects, hop on or and create a profile to sell your services. Perhaps your more like me and similar to the matrix when they look at the screens and see 1’s & 0’s you see $’s everywhere in the shape of run down structures on your commute. I have in the past and currently just got back into selling old barn wood! (I stress no stealing here, get permission or you might be trying to dodge bullets from the farmer like Neo)


Another simple one which is becoming out of season depending on where you live is to sell 50-gallon plastic barrels as rain barrels. Some places are more than happy to sell them to you cheap. Look to places that use lots of soap, Carwashes, Laundry shops (Their wholesalers in particular). Costco and Walmart sell “Pretty” ones but they are over $100.00. That’s a hard sell for a “want” but if you can come in and sell a big blue barrel for 20 bucks you’ll sell 1 a day! Plus, a blue barrel is mentally associated as a rain barrel.


If none of this resonates with you or for whatever reason you don’t see any of it working, for Ex. you live in downtown Chicago there are no barns around! Or maybe you’re in an apartment, “where would I put bloody 50 Gal barrels” think about this…


What do you currently do for employment? I pump gas, good, now tell everyone you know to come to the station you work at for their gas because you are trying to get a raise. If you can show the boss how much business your bringing in, it may help you get that raise. Surely your friends, family and even your FB audience would help. Same goes for really anything even the Dollar Store clerk, bring in more customers and drop hints to the boss as to why they are their vs the competition across the street. Do you not think that would give you an edge on a raise or promotion when compared to Suzy who does the bare minimum? “But I work for the city we don’t exactly have “customers”” … well let’s say you work in the dept. of roads. Yes, people can call in to report a pothole but most don’t as it’s not their job it’s the city’s.  Put on your hero cape because you work for the city! Run a pole on a local FB group asking something road related. Take that info to your boss and show the social proof, they Will take notice of your efforts and people will participate because people love to bitch!


I could go on and on about this with examples but it is up to you to think outside the box, it’s your life and it’s up to you to take positive action that propels you. I am not saying that I got all the answers, I hardly have any of them. I do hope though that this spurs some ideas in your head to help you out. Nobody should be broke and if you were born into it that’s not your fault, if you stay there it is.



All The Best,

Trevor Dudeck



If you like this article let us know in the comments below. If you have any other insight or ideas please share them as well.


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