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The Best Pre-Workout Foods


You wouldn’t go on a long trip without first putting gas in your car, would you? So, why should you put your body through a tough workout with giving it the fuel it needs to get through it. The answer is, you shouldn’t!

In the same way a car uses gas to run, your body relies on food to keep it going. More specifically, it relies on the calories, glucose, and carbohydrates found in food.

However, you don’t want to fuel up with junk food or empty calories. You need to pick good, energy-boosting foods to much on pre-workout. Here, we’ll explore some of the very best options for pre-workout snacks.

A Banana a Day...

Bananas get an unfairly bad rep as far as fruits go. And while it is true that they can be a little high in terms of calories, they’re actually just what you need before a workout. Bananas contain many of the things your body requires to thrive during a workout, including:

Good, easily digestible carbohydrates Potassium

Plus, bananas are easy to toss in your gym bag, and it only takes a minute to chew your way through one. Tasty Trail Mix

Trail mix is called trail mix because it’s meant to give you the energy you need to get through a long walk or hike. With a name like that, it just makes sense you’d throw back a few handfuls before hitting the gym.

Choose a trail mix that’s made from good, healthy foods, like nuts and dried fruit. Trail mixes with lots of chocolates or small crackers are not your friend. If you choose the right trail mix, you’ll experience many benefits, including:

Immediate energy boost
High insulin levels
Hunger satisfaction/reduced cravings

Good-for-You Greek Yogurt

Another quick and easy way to get in your pre-workout protein fix (and the energy that comes with it!) is with a serving of Greek yogurt.

Any flavor is fine, but do try to aim for an all-natural choice. And, if you need a little extra “oomph” to power through your exercise routine, you can mix in some fruit or granola.

Oh-So-Awesome Oats

One final food we just had to include is a good dose of oats. Full of fiber and B vitamins, oats can gradually increase energy levels, keeping you from getting the dreaded “crash and burn” effect once the energy wears off. They’re also one of the best ways to get plenty of fiber without feeling gassy or bloated.

You can get oats in a variety of foods, including: Oat-based cereals- without added sugar or fillers

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Straight up
Blended in a protein shake or water

As you can see, eating the right foods before a workout is important, and really, with so many tasty choices, why wouldn’t you want to?

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