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The Hardest $5 I've Ever Made



I want to tell you a story about a customer we had this week. This customer’s name was Karen and I had a few chuckles when I was working with her.  When I think back to our interactions which started through our Facebook page late one evening, by the end of things it was well below any minimum wage for the time spent going through everything. Now I am not saying it was a bad experience or not worth it at all! Karen was super pleasant to talk with and I would welcome a message from her anytime. 


How our conversation started is she was interested in the Grandpa Gus Mouse Repellent that we have available, a great product to keep the critters away.  She was interested in the pouches but found that she couldn’t get them shipped to Canada.  In a nutshell that item hasn’t went through all the approval processes yet with the Canadian pest control association.  We spoke for awhile and I told her about another product made by the same company that is a Cab Freshener instead and was available to Canadian customers. 


With some back and fourth she decided to try them out instead.  We had to create a new listing on the site directly for her which was super simple, no pictures, no long description just exactly what we discussed in point form and I would run to the post office and ship it directly for her.  I sent her the link but it came up to double the price (either I screwed up or she had accidently added 2 of the items to her cart). Karen texted me to say what the heck, I double checked it and everything seemed ok on my end and told her to try again.  Boom an order came through for 2 of the “non approved” repellent pouches which totalled $6.93 more than our agreed upon price. So off to Paypal I went and was able to refund her the difference with another few clicks, I am sure the book keeper will contort their face when that invoice gets entered crosses his desk. 


In the end Karen is going to receive the proper product for the proper price but that sure was the hardest $5 I think I’ve ever made! Between the texting, making a listing, going to the post office and doing the partial refund it was probably 2 hrs. I’m not mad or irritated in any way though, I had fun working with this customer just thought it was a bit funny how everything played out and wanted to share.   


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