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Three Ways Shooters Can Use Old Brass

Every shooter has finished a range day with a bag full of spent shell casings.


Shooters are then left with a question: What does one do with a bag full of empty shell casings? Throwing them away is often the easiest course of action, but your brass has far more value than simple garbage.


Here are a few ways you can make the most of your expended casings.




If you reload, you already know that old brass can come back to life. A new primer, a few grains of powder, and a fresh projectile will find a new (temporary) home in your old shell casings. What’s old is new again, and it goes boom!


Benefits of reloading include cost-savings, especially on large caliber rifle rounds. Many also find they enjoy the actual act of reloading. It’s a practice that requires skill and concentration. The quiet, precise movements of reloading can serve as an enjoyable counter-balance to the loud, dynamic motions of shooting.




Even if you don’t reload, someone you know probably does. Whether you arrange it as an act of kindness or a transaction at a beneficial price, your reloading friend is sure to be happy to get his hands on your casings.


Scrap yards & Recyclers


Reloaders aren’t the only ones willing to “shell out” for perfectly good shell casings. Your local scrap yard or metal recycler buys metal, including brass. They may still be able to help you “unload” aluminum shell casings reloaders wouldn’t dream of accepting.


You aren’t likely to get rich selling casings to the scrap yard, but it’s a great way to stretch your ammo budget.




Shell casings are produced to keep cartridges functional through extreme weather and abuse. They are exactingly manufactured so no ill results will come when a shooter uses them to house a small explosion. Expended shell casings have proved their mettle by surviving a rapid expansion of gases involving extraordinary forces and speeds.


In other words, shell casings are a durable, well-manufactured, great-looking material for building a new product.


That’s why I started repurposing shell casings in my shop. I wanted to produce items that could protect your equipment with all the vigor they once protected their powder.


My tire valve stem caps (available in silver and brass colors) bring all the durability, precision, and strength of shell-casings to protecting your tires. They’re much harder to lose in a parking lot than black plastic stem caps.


They’re also a great way to personalize your vehicle.


Embrace recycling


Whether you reload, sell for scrap, or trick out your chopper with my stem caps, using old brass is the kind of swords-to-ploughshares recycling that shooters, hunters, and enthusiasts of all stripes can support.


Check out my catalog to see the other ways I’ve repurposed spent casings!



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