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Ewart Tactical Emergency Vehicle Escape Multi-purpose Tool with Case and Glass Breaker Tip

  • The emergency tool or cattle show stick is a useful tool that can be easily carried in your vehicle or on your person. It comes with a belt holster and can alternatively be tucked into your pocket, bag or car. Makes a perfect accessory gift to family and friends who like to be prepared in an emergency vehicle situation. The handle is easy to grasp as it is made of rubber for a secure grip.
  • OTHER APPLICATIONS: Camping, hiking, travel, road trip and other vehicular emergencies.
  • PACKAGE INCLUSION: 1 multi-tool, glass breaker handle tip, protective holder, and instruction guide.
  • HOW TO EXTEND: While holding the tool in your hand, bring it up towards your head by bending your elbow. From this position extend your arm sharply with a "flick" as you would use a hammer to pound a nail. The tool will extend and lock into position if it does not fully extend or rattles making it sound loose, the tool has not fully extended and you will need to repeat the process.
  • HOW TO RETRACT: With the telescopic tool fully extended, reverse your grip on the tools handle and SLAM the small end into the ground. If it does not fully retract you will have to hit it into the ground again to fully retract the tool. ***This can take a couple "SLAMS" which is normal because you would not want the tool to accidentally retract when in use***
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