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Only $40 For 4 Refrigeration Service Tools It's A Heck Of A Deal

A quick rundown of what you all get for $40... 


This refrigeration tool set is the best bang for your buck at $39.99.  Click HERE and we'll take you directly to Amazon where you can purchase it for cheaper than anywhere else or you can get some more info below. 





Whether you are working on Prep Tables, Roof Top Units, Grocery Store Racks, Ice Plants or large Chillers the service wrench will cover it. 

This is a tool that makes opening or closing Air Conditioning Valves much less of a pain in the ass and we provide two of them in each set so if 1 walks away it's no big deal. Each key has a square end that snaps into the service wrench on one end than is stepped for both the liquid and suction line service valves of residential A/C's on the other. The Liquid line is 3/16" and the Suction or Vapor line is 5/16".


We all have run into that one screw that is right next to the wall because the installing contractor is a nice guy, the box end wrench is perfect for those situations. In hard to reach places you can also pull the bits out of your multi driver and turn them easily in tight quarters with this wrench.


 If your ready to make your purchase click HERE and we will take you over to amazon, if you still need more convincing just look at what some of our other Amazon customers have said...


 I know by now you have all the information you need to be sure that this set is a smart purchase at only $39.99! So click the link below and we will send you over to Amazon to complete your purchase. 
One last thing though... after you get your new tools take 30 seconds and leave a review on Amazon for us.  Those reviews make a huge difference to little guys like us and we would be eternally grateful if you do.