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.45 Caliber Fishing Weights

.45 Caliber Fishing Weights

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-1 oz Fishing Weights
-4 Per Pack
-Real Shell Casings
-Perfect Gift
  • Our 1 oz lead bullet fishing weights are the ideal way to cross your hunting and fishing hobbies flawlessly. They are sure to raise some eyebrows and turn your favourite casting buddy’s head on the boat dock.
  • These bait sinkers are 100% real metal and functional not just a trinket with no real purpose. The handgun shell cartridges have been fired at the range than up-cycled into what you see here today.
  • Each individual angling weight is hand pressed by us in our shop and not mass produced. This allows you to buy with confidence and not worry about a bad run from a Chinese factory. We know each sinker is a quality locally made product and that we discarded any of the duds so you will receive a lifetime guarantee unless you’re out for “rock bass”!
  • Bullet fishing weights are that perfect gift for the friend or family member who loves any of the following: Hunting, Fishing, Shooting, Guns, Bob Izumi, Lund Boats, or anything else involving the great outdoors.
  • Add this novel product to your tackle box and never look back, even pirates will think twice before boarding when they see loose shells scattered around
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