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Realtor 12 Email Series VAFU Edition (Value Added Follow Up)

Realtor 12 Email Series VAFU Edition (Value Added Follow Up)

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So we set this up in a unique way... we are going to give you access to all 12 articles right now so you can read them over from end to end. Then, we ask that YOU decide the price they are worth!  If you think each article is only worth a buck let us know and we will send you an invoice for $12.00. If however you think each article is pure gold and you assign each one a value of $100.00 reply to this email and we will create your invoice for $1200.00.  We are leaving the price completely up to YOU, just reply to our email after you have read the articles with your assessment of the value and we will send you the invoice shortly after.

We have added a couple of samples in the images of what you can expect for your reference.

After you decide to grab these emails all you have to do is plug these emails into your autoresponder, personalize them a little to make them your own, set your frequency as to how often they will send and you're done! If you chose to send only 1 email per month you will be good for a year and be doing more for your clients than 99% of the realtors out there. 

We know so many people in the sales profession that do not take care of their customers after the deal is done and I know this is very prevalent in the Realty Industry. We can say first hand that everyone here has had a less than extraordinary experience with their agents.  It is not that they did a "bad" job but more along the lines that they did an underwhelming job! Similar to the waitress/waiter who only really makes an effort to show she/he cares when the time to pay the bill comes along and a tip is on the line. 

We have all the emails uploaded to a Google Drive and you can get them all by “Checking out” at the bottom of this page.

We look forward to hearing back from you.