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Silicone Wedding Ring

Silicone Wedding Ring

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  • SAFE EVERYWHERE: Silicone Rings are non-conducting, non-porous and chemically inert which makes them safe to use in just about every workplace. Whether it’s electrical, plumbing, mechanical or the gym that has you worried about both safety & keeping that expensive wedding band like new this is the perfect solution. Its Tensile Strength is 172N making it snap if it gets caught on moving parts unlike traditional metal rings. This ring will not cut off your circulation if your hands swell due to hot weather conditions.
  • IS THIS RING MADE FOR YOU? In a word YES!  These rings are made from bio compatible medical grade silicone, they are great for anyone who works with their hands and slip into gloves easily as well.
  • BUYING IT NOW stands for your COMMITMENT to your loving spouse. It's renowned to keep wives happy and attract lots of compliments, so why not tap into this opportunity.
  • Losing your finger will not make you or your wife happy. Taking the initiative in safety and commitment on the other hand is a dynamic duo for the happy wife happy life!

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