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Wrench Extension Tool

Wrench Extension Tool

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  • ADVANTAGES: This simple yet powerful tool will be a great asset in the toolbox. Simply lock in your standard open or box end wrench into the jaws to gain leverage on those hard to reach tight bolts or nuts. Slim design will get into most* restricted spaces and still allow you to swing your wrench. Unlike locking two wrenches together you will take away the risk of breaking your tools.
  • DESIGN: We came up with the design while fighting with that one flawed bolt location every piece of machinery has that you just can't get at. Two opposing steel jaws are welded onto a narrow diameter yet strong steel pipe of 16" to gain torque at the bolt head while pulling from a convenient location. The entire tool is sandblasted for a clean but roughened surface which aids in gripping the tool. A Clear Coat Finish is then applied to the wrench extender to prevent corrosion.
  • DIMENSIONS: Total Length - 16 inches, Gap Between Jaws - 2 inches, Jaws - 1 inch, Handle - 0.75 inch, Total Width at Jaw - 1.5 inches.

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